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Forever Young | Grandmas and Grandpas wanted!

I’m looking for Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, Dad’s, Mum’s, family, friends – anyone over the age of 60. I’m going to be in an exhibition at the end of the year, exhibiting some of my photography. Instead of showing my old/current work, I wanted to actually start fresh and come up with new body of work for this project but I need your help.

The theme for this exhibition is Forever Young. And the concept for my project is just that, Forever Young. Instead of exhibiting young people doing young things, I want to display the older generation doing young things and being Forever Young.

So if you have a Grandma or Grandpa, Mum or Dad, family, friends, anyone, who is over the age of 60, you can nominate them to be in my photos for this project.

My idea for this project is to have them doing things like:

–      An older couple, who have been together for years, still inlove now (so maybe high school sweethearts holding up a framed wedding photo)
–      Older couple, enjoying an icecream with heaps of hundreds and thousands all over them or eating fairy bread.
–      2 older men, playing xbox or a computer game of some sort.
–      2 older men/women or both, riding bikes or skateboarding.
–      An older couple swinging on the swings, or riding those rocking horse type things at a park.
–      An older man playing with matchbox cars on a big car play mat. You know those ones with all the streets and houses on them?
–      2 older people trying to take a photo using the webcam on a laptop.
–      Couple taking photos in a photobooth.

Anymore ideas are most certainly welcome :)

So if you would like to be a part of my project or know of anyone or would like to nominate anyone, if you have that perfect larrikin grandad who would have a ball riding a skateboard down the path/street then please let me know.

Comment below with their name and age. I also need a photo of them too so if you have a link from a photo of them on your facebook be sure to copy that link in, or alternatively all images can be emailed to me via my email here –

Also, these photos need to be taken within the next month. So we don’t have much time to find our “young ones” and do each shoot with them. So get nominating! We need to have all shoots done by the 8th of November, as I need to then edit, print and frame them before they get sent to the gallery. Oh and all the grandmas and grandpas or whoever are featured in the photos, will have an invite to the exhibition as well so they can see their photo up on the gallery walls :) The exhibition starts on the 30th of November and the opening night that they’ll be invited to will be on the 2nd of December at 6pm.

Lets have some fun with this :) Get nominating!!!


Laura xx
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  1. gayle browning says:

    i would do one at a park or the one that has a younger shadow in the back ground and us in the foregroung theme ginger rogers and fred estaire

  2. Laura Tuton says:

    No worries! Well we could do both ideas if you like, that way if I end up not getting enough people, i have 2 ideas done. But if I do get enough people, I can decide which one turned out better :)
    So i’ll let you know if i’m working on Saturday or not :)
    Thanks for this Aunty Gayle :)

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